I make and sell Arrowheads, Bone-Handle Knives, Golf Club Ducks, Wooden Golf Carts and Wooden Cars.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Little About Me...

I first learned about wood carving after taking a class at a campground in Cascade, Idaho 8 years ago.  I do five different types of ducks and a quail.  They are created from the heads of wooden golf clubs. I also enjoy refurbishing and repairing wooden decoy ducks.

Approximately one year ago I taught myself to make a scale model golf cart complete with a bag and clubs.  The cart is three and a half inches wide and seven inches long.  Some of the woods I use are bass wood, white pine, walnut, mahogany and birch.

I belong to the Chip N Timers Wood Carving Club of Tucson, Arizona.  I have been a member for two years.  I have met a lot of people and enjoy teaching and sharing these many crafts.  The Woodcrafter store in  Northwest Tucson sponsors our club.  We meet on Monday mornings and are open to all skill levels of woodcarvers.

In 2000 my wife Diane and I established our residence in Quartzite, Arizona. This is where I became interested in rock hounding and polishing gemstones. I eventually became the President of the Quartzite Roadrunners Rock and Gem Club, which is the largest in the United States with 800 plus members and offers diverse classes.

Along the way, I developed an interest in flint knapping, arrowheads and spear points.  I became proficient enough to teach classes in Quartzite and Tucson in making my bone handled knives using this technique.

A fellow artist and life long friend suggested my setting up a blog to share and possibly sell my crafts. So please bare with me as I learn to explore the world of the blog sphere....

In 2009 we sold our residence in Quartzite, along with our motor home, and bought a town home in Oro Valley, Arizona, north of Tucson.  I have a fully equipped wood working and lapidary workshop at my residence. I enjoy sharing my craft and meeting fellow wood carvers and other crafters.

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